100% Whey Protein

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5.00 out of 5
  • Build muscle mass with the best quality whey protein
  • 100% of protein derived from whey
  • EU sourced whey protein and made in the UK
  • 70% protein and over 5g of BCAAs per serving
  • Delicious smooth flavour with natural sweeteners

What is 100% Whey Protein?

100% Whey Protein delivers 100% of its protein from whey. Only the finest undenatured whey is used, with no added sugars, no amino spiking, and no soy protein, giving you the finest protein to supplement your fitness and sporting efforts.

100% Whey Protein contains over 5g of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s) per 24g of protein, which are arguably the most crucial amino acids for athletes. The three BCAA’s are balanced at a 2:1:1 ratio of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine, giving you a research based ratio (see Journal Int Soc Sports Nutr 2008:5 (Supp 1):P21 in every shake. Our whey protein is made with quality fresh milk under EU regulations, from cattle that are free from banned antibiotics and growth hormones.

Who is it for?

100% Whey is ideal for men and women who train regularly, whether at the gym, through sports, or perhaps at workout classes such as yoga or pilates. If you are building or toning muscle mass, then 100% Whey Protein might be perfect for you.

100% Whey Protein is a vegetarian product, but it is not suitable for vegans, coeliacs, or anyone under the age of 16.

What are the benefits?

  • Contains pure whey protein to help build lean muscle mass
  • No added sugars, artificial colours or flavourings, soy protein or growth hormones
  • Contains BCAA’s

With such hectic lifestyles, ensuring we consume enough protein in our diets to maintain or build muscles is difficult. This is especially true for those training or working out regularly, whose bodies require more protein to adapt to the regular stress exercise places on muscles.

100% Whey Protein contains pure whey protein and amino acids, which are the building blocks of muscle tissue, and branched chain amino acids, which are stored in high concentrates within the muscles.

Recommended Usage

Consume 2-3 servings daily, ideally before or after a workout.

Mix 35g, which is approximately one heaped 60ml scoop (scoop included in the tub), with 250ml water or skimmed milk in a shaker or blender. These are guidelines and a thicker consistency can be achieved with less liquid, or non-skimmed milk.

Once mixed, drink immediately and do not leave to stand. The scoop measures in millilitres not grams, so for precise measurements we recommend using weighing scales.

How is it made?

Every single batch of 100% Whey is made in our own state of the art factory in the UK. The site operates to the strictest ISO9001 Quality Control procedures and is tested biannually as part of our process to ensure that we avoid any trace of substances that appear on the WADA banned list.  This is also one of the only sports nutrition factories that is registered with the HFL for Informed Sports Drug Testing, to ensure we provide you with only the best in nutrition.

The main ingredients in 100% Whey Protein are whey protein concentrates, which has a very high biological value and are created by separating whey from milk during the cheese-making process. During the cheese-making process, milk is separated to form curds and whey. The whey is collected and treated to get it to its most pure and clean form, which we then use in our excellent high-protein shakes.

How does it taste?

We believe our 100% Whey Protein tastes absolutely delicious and it’s proven to mix easily. With pure natural ingredients, including cocoa powder, we believe we’ve achieved a range of delicious smooth flavours that taste just like a milkshake.

100% Whey Protein comes in four flavours, including:
Chocolate peanut butter
Chocolate perfection
Strawberries and cream
Vanilla ice cream

The science behind it

Our 100% Whey Protein delivers its protein content from EU sourced milk, produced by grass-fed cattle. Many of our dairies are based in Ireland, and we can guarantee the milk we use is free from banned antibiotics and bovine growth hormone, so you know exactly what you’re putting in your body.

How does this help you? Every time we exercise, we place stress on the muscles, which then need protein in order to recover and grow bigger. Supplementing a healthy diet with protein ensures you are consuming enough high-quality protein to aid your training and reach your physique and strength goals.

BCAA’s are proven to help maintain muscle tissue, and preserve glycogen stores, which function as an energy source within the muscles.

Anything else?

Available in 2kg and 875g tubs.

This product is a food supplement and should be used in conjunction with food as part of a healthy balanced diet. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

Suitable for

  • Vegetarians: Yes
  • Vegans: No
  • Coeliacs: No

100% Whey Protein (all flavours) has been certified as Halal safe by The Halal Trust.

For further allergy advice, please read our suitability guide.


Whey Protein Concentrates (95 %) (MILK), Cocoa Powder (chocolate variety only), Emulsifier (SOYA Lecithin), Flavouring, Colour (Beetroot Red (strawberry variety only)), Thickener (Carboxymethyl Cellulose), Sweetener (Sucralose), Colour (Beta Carotene (vanilla and cookies & cream varieties only)), Bacillus Coagulans (LactoSpore®), Sweetener (Steviol Glycosides). Made in a facility which handles: products of crustaceans, products of eggs, gluten and products of fish.

Nutritional Profile

100% Whey Nutritional Profile - Reflex Nutrition 2017

Product Label

100% Whey 2kg label - Reflex Nutrition

5 reviews for 100% Whey Protein

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Love the fact that it offers great value whilst using grass fed whey as the sole ingredient. Not too sweet and mixes nicely in a shaker.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tony Wang

    Chocolate is mental, great flavours, mixes really easily and I get no wind or bloat, using it with r bar flapjacks which are also great.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andrew Simonds

    Love the fact that this stuff is made from EU sourced whey and not US stuff with all the cow growth hormones. Mixes easily and tastes amazing! With Reflex’s trusted and proven protein content of 70% its hard to beat. I’ve got both Chocolate and Strawberry which my girlfriend also uses from time to time, she loves the stuff!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeff Woods

    Brilliant value for money. Reflex always seems to have the edge when it comes to whey protein formulae. 100% Whey is no exception, mixes easily and tastes just right. As always the quality is simply unquestionable. Choc is my favourite and cant see myself moving away from 100% whey anytime soon!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brian Simpson

    Bought 100% Whey Protein as it was recommended by a personal trainer who had been using Reflex whey proteins supps for over 10 years so her recommendation is based on experience. It mixes really easily and tastes like a milk shake, I normally have some stomach issues with protein shakes but 100% Whey Protein gave me none. Very much recommended

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