Emil Goliath - Reflex Nutrition


Emergency & Anaesthetic Doctor

Emil ‘Goliath’ Hodzovic is a doctor that works as an anaesthetist in an A&E department. When not being an all around hero, Emil’s alter ego is as ‘Project Goliath’, a persona that was born during Emil’s days as a strongman. Emil’s journey into bodybuilding began after health concerns if he maintained his 22 stone strongman body.

Emil’s journey so far has seen him shed over 40 kilos of bodyweight to reveal an extremely impressive physique. Emil competed in the WBFF for the first time and despite not placing, his debut impressed his peers and invigorated his desire to pursue a career in the fitness industry.

Emil’s knowledge of the human body is outstanding and he has taken his thirst for scientific knowledge and channeled that into a desire to improve both his own physique and those around him.

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