Heather Oakes - Reflex Nutrition


Personal Trainer, Vegetarian and Figure Competitor

Heather Oakes is a successful competitive figure athlete having competed since 2006. She is the reigning NPA British Overall Figure Champion and ranked 2nd in the INBF World Championships. In addition to this, throughout her competitive career Heather gained 2 previous British Titles, won a Pro card, and came 2nd in the UIBBN European Championships. She has worked in the fitness industry since 1998, and currently writes training material and teaches courses for a national company training people to become the next generation of fitness instructors, as well as actively teaching her own classes and personal training clients.

Heather has a degree in Sport and Nutrition, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Weight Management as well as over 15 years in the fitness industry, but her experience as a competitive figure athlete has been the most valuable asset in terms of being able to relate to the challenges her personal training clients experience.

“I learnt from some of the best, and adapted diet and nutrition plans to suit me as a vegetarian athlete, which was where my initial introduction to Reflex supplements began. As I was choosing not to eat meat and fish, I had to ensure I supplemented accordingly, and quickly found Reflex to be my brand of choice for outstanding quality and taste.”

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