Kieran Quinlan - Reflex Nutrition


Boxing Coach

Kieran is a fine example of overcoming adversity.

He began his training journey as a promising boxing prospect at amateur level, with aspirations to join the professional ranks until a fateful night five years ago when he was targeted by thieves intent on stealing his mobile phone. After having his phone snatched, Kieran’s instinct was to give chase but upon catching the thief events took an almost fatal turn as the thief plunged a blade into Kieran’s chest piercing his heart, aorta and left lung. Kieran was rushed to hospital where he was revived three times following three cardiac arrests.

After the stabbing ended his boxing career and causing both post traumatic stress and massive insecurities over his body image and scarring, Kieran began his journey into competitive bodybuilding and placed 2nd in his debut competition.

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