Mark Oakes - Reflex Nutrition


The ‘Natural Oak’

Whilst honored to call himself a “Pro” bodybuilder with the WNBF and winning the Overall UKDFBA UK title, Mark has a regular job away from the fitness industry working in the Pharmaceutical Industry in oncology. Mark can relate to the challenges of balancing the gym with career, family and often time away from home. Reflex supplements have ensured that he always has the correct nutrition to allow him to juggle these priorities without making compromises. Ultimately, being able to succeed in reaching his goals.

Mark does not believe that he has any kind of “genetic gift” for bodybuilding. What he does have is the required mental attitude and approach. Organised to a fault and 100% consistent in all elements of the sport, Mark feels that it is this approach for the last 20 years which has brought him two World, four British and two UK titles as well as his Pro status.

“I’m a bodybuilder who loves to train, to compete and to WIN! I have trained since I was at school and this has given me plenty of experience and time to try different training approaches and supplements. Before I started working with Reflex, I was already using their supplements, so was really pleased when they agreed to support me.”

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