Till Schmidt - Reflex Nutrition


Physiotherapy Student

Till is a fitness enthusiast who comes originally from Germany but moved to Amsterdam to pursue his studies. Till is a student of Physiotherapy. Till always admired a muscular look which to Till was in contrast to his non athletic physique and he describes his bodytype growing up as, “Chubby”.

Till got his first gym membership shortly before his 16th birthday and has been training ever since – developing more serious ambitions

“Nowadays in my life it is all about the sport and my nutrition. I love eating a healthy diet and cooking as much as my training – which is why days without any sport or my prepped meals are basically non-existent.”

Till aims to compete for the first time soon and hopes the experience will help him strive for more and push himself to the next level.

Till trains with weights 5 times a week with at least 2 or more cardio sessions on off days.

“Supplements I’m using on a daily basis: A pre workout (Musclebomb),Instant Whey pro, Vitamin D3 , Glutamine & BCAAs around my training, Zinc Matrix before bed, Casein occasionally, and Omega 3’s.”

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