Team Reflex fitness ambassadors are professional athletes and sports enthusiasts from all around the world who come together as a hub of incredible training and knowledge. From personal trainers, to WBFF and UKBFF champions, our fitness ambassadors come from all walks of life, from veterinary heath management and parents, to pole fitness competitors.

Ananda Jenny is a personal trainer and fitness model, with a firm belief in the power of the mind. She documents honest fitness and training, not just the shiny exterior of it. Alex Crockford is one of the UK’s leading boot camp and personal trainers, and Gauri Chopra is a sports massage therapist with physiotherapy and sports science training.

Our ambassadors are normal people, many of who have had personal struggles to overcome in order to reach their fitness goals, including severe eating disorders and type 1 diabetes. With intense training and support from Reflex supplements, our fitness ambassadors have reached the pinnacle of their personal goals.