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Personal trainer, Nutritionist and Fitness Model

Ananda Jenny is an Amsterdam based Personal Trainer and [Fitness]

Model from The Netherlands. From an early age, Ananda has practised numerous sports and always felt the passion to express herself through physical training. At 18, she found her first real love: boxing. She practised it for several years and developed her skills through extra competition training in both The Netherlands and Barcelona. A chronic wrist injury in 2009 made her decide to stop boxing. It made her look at other ways to challenge herself physically. This has led her straight into the weights room. Here, she found the challenges she was looking for and is hooked ever since!

One of her favorite quotes is ‘If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it’ [Muhammed Ali]

Ananda is a strong believer of the power of the mind, and that by having a strong mind, there is nothing in this world that you cannot achieve. From this perspective, she helps her clients and uses their own personal triggers from within to achieve their fitness, health and nutrition goals. “I feel that too often, not enough attention is being paid to the reason why we do what we do, and whether that contributes to our ultimate goal or not. While this is key! I’m convinced that if you find the answer to the Why, you set yourself up for nothing but success!”

Next to continuously expanding her knowledge on physical training, nutrition and personal growth, she also has picked up modeling. “I think the human body is a beautiful thing, inside and out. I think it may be celebrated and seen! There is nothing wrong with showing a little skin, as long as you do it in a classy and elegant way.” Practising what she preaches, she shares her training and modeling activities via her Instagram and Facebook PT account. Not just the ‘pretty pictures’, but also the ‘behind the scenes’ moments on how she achieves her goals to provide an honest view of the journey as a whole.

Becoming the best version of herself is the red thread through Ananda’s life and what she strives to do in all areas, improving a little each day. Helping others to do so for themselves is what gives her joy! “I therefore don’t see it as a coincidence that Reflex Nutrition has come onto my path. Being a perfectionist myself, I highly appreciate Reflex Nutrition’s strong determination to be the best in their field. I want to fuel my body through a well-balanced diet and high quality supplements, and that is exactly what Reflex Nutrition offers me!”

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