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Personal Trainer, Bikini Competitor, Fitness Model

Gauri was an ex-gymnast and National Trampolinist before going on to spend a year studying Physiotherapy, and then completing her BSc degree in Sports Science. Being surrounded by various competitive sports her entire life, she developed a passion for appreciating the body and it’s capabilities. Naturally, she has been led into the career path as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist.

Suffering from severe anemia in her younger years, Gauri became more aware of the power of nutrition, and how particular diets and supplementation can hugely impact on one’s health, performance, and body composition. Since managing to combat anaemia through living a healthier lifestyle, and developing her physique and performance through good nutrition, she has grown a keen interest in creating healthy recipes and natural alternatives. Knowing that the majority of the population struggle with healthy eating, she enjoys sharing her recipes and nutrition tips through her instagram account and her personal recipe blog Experimenting in the kitchen gradually translated into experimenting with refining her physique, leading her to prep herself to compete in various fitness shows and competitions, with a recent win resulting in partaking in some fitness modeling.

“Since becoming aware of the importance of quality nutrition and its impact on the body’s performance, settling for anything less than the best just doesn’t cut it for me. Thankfully Reflex Nutrition agrees, which is why I choose to use their products. They leave it very hard to pick a favorite, but if I really had to, (aside from the revolutionary R Bars) it would probably be the Bannoffee Pie flavoured Instant Whey Pro! It’s the perfect consistency and flavour on it’s own as a post workout shake, as well as making everything I use it to bake or cook with taste AMAZING!”


Feature in, and on the back cover of ‘Your Fitness’ magazine (2015)

1st place Official IFC (International Fitness Championships) (2014)

Fit Factor Finalist (2014)

1st place British National Trampolining Championships (2008)

2nd place British National Trampolining Championships (2007)

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