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Gymnast, Pole artist, Competitor and Mother

Simone Maria Le alias Sammy Lee is a mother as well as a world class pole dancer, training out of the PoleArts-Studio’s in Freiburg and Strasbourg. Sammy’s talent is in demand internationally and she has become a teacher of Pole arts all over the globe. The 32 years old took part in the World Poledance Championship in Zürich and in the same year judged the UK Amateur Pole Performer Championship, where she had was a guest performer.

Sammy is a natural performer and studied acting in Freiburg and performed on stages in Zürich and Bern. Sammy has a ten year background in gymnastics and won the 1987 Championship of Baden. She was booked and published in the pole2pole magazine as Polestar of the month and had her first magazine cover. With her flying pole act she was on TV 2012 on RTL Germany and 2013 at TF1 France which was viewed 9 million times.

She is a successful and well known poledancer and gymnast, aerialist and performer:

  • winner of the price of best Pole Battle from Dominic Lacasse in Montreal
  • 3rd place a the european pole place number
  • 6th place at the international polemasterscup in LosAngeles 2012
  • half finalist at the huge RTL TV Show Super talent
  • booked in the famous TV show Beat the Best in Paris which will be in the French TV Channel TF1 in September
  • 2nd in the International Polecompetition sponsored by X-pole in Australia
  • inventor of the Flying Pole and [email protected] instructor certification
  • showcase at the famous PoleExpo Las Vegas and Guest teacher

She has also enjoyed success as a bikini model

  • 1st Miss Bikini Franche WPF 2012
  • 4th international Competition Top de colmar
  • 1st All over woman category WPF
  • 2nd place at the european bikini competition wpf
  • 3rd Wabba Worlds Bikini
  • 4th IFBB Rhein-Neckar Pokal
  • 4th Wabba Rotalben
  • 6th place WBFF London international Competition
  • 2nd TFE UK London St.Albans Fitness model
  • 1st place international bikini competition in Luxembourg pain world
  • 1st place Pure Elite UK Fitness model tall and all over winner
  • 1st place Pure Elite UK couple category


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