Our professional ambassadors are just that – professionals who make nutrition a key part of their careers. Most are personal trainers and coaches from around the UK, all of who have come impressively far in their training.

Billy Garnon is a personal trainer who moved from his Irish hometown to travel around the world, coaching in the US, Canada and India. Richard Kirby, a strength conditioning coach for a professional football team, is involved in NHS studies into clinical obesity. Chris Burgess makes a living as a composition coach, running a fitness mentoring service for personal trainers, and has been a Reflex ambassador for over 10 years, while Andrew Wiseman is a strength and conditioning football coach at Stevenage FC academy, and plays football in an over 35s team.

Understanding of the importance of recovery, solid nutrition and adequate rest periods, all our professional ambassadors are able to recommend Reflex products, safe in the knowledge that every supplement is scientifically proven.