From a fire fighter to a poet and teacher, our sports ambassadors represent all walks of life as well as many sports. Specialising in everything from sprint cycling to pro kite surfing and alpine skiing, the sports ambassadors embody the versatility of British sportspeople. Reflex supplements are so varied, and cover such a wide scale of nutrition, all of these athletes use Reflex products to aid their sporting careers.

Through our ambassador program, strong relationships have been built with professional sports teams the Bradford Bulls rugby team and Brighton Hove Albion FC club.

Reflex has also been able to help ambassadors overcome what life has thrown at them, including Luke Carson and the surgery he had to undergo in the lead up to the Olympic Games qualifiers. Plus we’ve been thrilled to help Team GB sportspeople Dan Lawson, Joey Duck and Katie Stainton in the pursuit of getting to the Olympics in a safe and legal way.