Adrian Dent - Reflex Nutrition


Fire Fighter and Sprint Cyclist

53 years old, from Richmond, North Yorkshire, full time aviation fire fighter at Leeds Bradford Airport.

Master track cycling sprinter, currently National sprint Champion, a title held for the past 4years. The 500m time trial champion (also held for 4 years), current European sprint and 500 time trial champion, silver medal in the world 500 time trial last two years, current world team sprint champion.

2014 world masters 500tt part of the world masters team sprint champion winning team

Currently train most days, track sprinting is mainly split between big legs sessions in the gym, plyometrics and track sprinting – doesn’t do too much endurance cycling as it slows the leg speed down.

“At 53 I love the process of training, pushing myself to my limits, seen how fast and how much I can achieve as an older athlete and how long I can stay in shape.

One of the most important things I have found to stay young and fresh is a healthy diet and quality Nutrition, for me Reflex are the best supplements I have ever used.”

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