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Professional Cricketer

Lewis Hatchett – Professional Cricketer at Sussex County Cricket Club – Left Arm Fast Bowler

Being a bowler comes with a big physical workload in both training and games. Bowling requires to have strong lower body, core and a good cardiovascular capacity.
Bowling produces large forces through the legs (approx 8 times body weight goes through my front leg) and so injury is common (and I have had a fair share) therefore maintaining weight and staying lean is fundamental to make sure there isn’t any unnecessary extra stress on the body.
A regular training day consists of bowling, batting and fielding practise followed by any gym work required. Our workouts will consist a variety of leg workouts, core circuits and HIIT sessions.
During a 4-day game we can bowl as much as 40-50 overs which burns a lot of calories and puts a lot of stress on the body. As bowlers we have to be able to recover within under 24 hours and be able to perform again the next day so nutrition is crucial to our recovery. 1-day cricket means you can be out in the field for just under 3 hours without any breaks and so getting enough fuel on board while playing is fundamental to maintaining high performance.

The products that I currently use are:

Nexgen Pro – Multivitamin and recovery aid
Gluosamine Sulphate – Joint maintenance
Growth Matrix – post workout and post game day
The Edge – during games
R Bar Flapjack – snack in between training sessions
R Bar – low carb snack

Having used many supplement brands in the past, I haven’t had the results that I’ve had nor felt this good before until I started using Reflex. The quality of the products is outstanding and the service is first class. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

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