Personal Trainer & Multisports Coach, Long Distance Triathlete & Duathlete

Passionate : I am passionate about health, fitness and pushing the limits of ability. I need passion in my sport and the challenges they present but also to keep me focused through each of my training sessions. Nutrition is a key passion in my sport and I aim to keep up-to-date on all aspects to further improve mine and my clients abilities.

Differences : I am driven to pursue my goals of fitness and racing without external influences, I have dedicated my life to triathlons and fitness since leaving the Army and will continue to push my own personal boundaries as well as those of my clients. Further to this, I believe that I should give back much more than I receive and will go out of my way to help others. I believe I am an honest, down-to-earth and approachable ambassador for sport and fitness, showing others that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. After leaving the British Army, I have had to overcome challenges due to the injury I sustained and I have the strength of mind to be the best.

Got Here : Whilst serving in the British Army I sustained a spinal injury. After leaving the Army I pursued a career in fitness as I wanted to help others become fit and healthy but to also to learn more about my injury. I was not going to let my injury stop me from training as I was known for my physical ability whilst serving and soon got hooked on triathlons. Since then I have raced for Great Britain at a number of World and European championships at multiple distances from Olympic triathlons to long distance events.

Top Tips : 1. Be consistent and believe in yourself – this will develop you far better as an athlete and give you the strength to keep going. 2. Work on your weaknesses – this is where you will turn them into a strength and start taking the fight to everyone else. 3. Learn to suffer – only then can you embrace how powerful you really are.

Reflex Value : I value the uncompromising standards set in the products to make sure they are free of illegal substances and of the highest quality. The scientific formulation of each product gives me the assurance that I am going to be fuelled and refuelled optimally after each training session. I also value the expert help, knowledge and support of a world class sports nutrition company and its staff in assisting me to achieve my goals.

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