After overwhelmingly positive feedback and sales on R-Bar protein bars comes the next chapter in the R-Bar story

R Bar Flapjack Cover

In the last few weeks we’ve seen the most successful launch of any product that we have ever manufactured at Reflex Nutrition

We felt very confident that the R-Bar would be popular but had absolutely no idea that it would be met with such high demand and such brilliant feedback so early on. If you haven’t tried the R-Bar Protein bar or read my series of articles (see ) then I urge you to read them today because if you eat protein bars on a regular basis you will want to hear about the issues raised and why we believe that our R-Bar protein bars are so far ahead of the competition.

If you’ve tried the R-Bar protein bars and know about the story I’m sure the following will be something that is of genuine interest. When we were developing the R-Bar protein bar we were also developing, in secret, a new type of protein flapjack that would literally re write the rule book on high protein flapjacks. In fact we have set the bar so high in terms of composition, protein content and flavour it will give our competition vertigo!

NEW R-Bar Flapjacks

The vast majority of flapjacks on the market today will contain a number of ingredients that pull the nutritional values down in terms of protein bioavailability. To start with I’m talking about hydrolysed collagen and soy protein. Hydrolysed collagen is not even a complete protein and is a very poor source of branch chain amino acids compared to milk proteins. Unfortunately it is often found with soy protein (another of my blog subject matters). The reason these two are often used is because they represent a good way of making a bar soft whilst adding to the protein content, but the use of these two, in particular collagen, is questionable as a genuine source of complete protein. Other ingredients we feel that you should avoid include; glucose syrup, inverted syrup, palm oil, palm derivatives and IMO syrups.

Enough of what you don’t want, this is what we believe you will want and what we use in the new R-Bar Flapjack;

  • EU sourced Milk Proteins
  • EU sourced non GMO Oats
  • EU sourced non GMO Rapeseed Oil
  • Glucofibre & Glycerine.
  • Natural Flavours.
  • Natural Sweetener – Stevia.

The beauty of this new high protein flapjack is its simplicity. We have not coated the bar to deliver a taste or textural experience, rather we’ve used the finest ingredients carefully mixed together using a secret proprietary process to make a bar that is soft with a mouth-watering flavour.

Here are the ingredients

Wholegrain Rolled OATS (27%), MILK Proteins (26%), Soluble Gluco Fibre, Rapeseed Oil, Glycerine, Water, Freeze Dried Fruit (1%) (of which Apple [50%], Blackberry [50%]), Natural Colourings (Cocoa Powder, Beta Carotene), Natural Flavouring, Sea Salt, Natural Sweetener (Stevia), Antioxidant (Tocotrienolsas DeltaGold®).

Each delivers the following

Protein 18 grams
Carbohydrate 21 grams
Sugar 2 grams
Fat 13 grams
Fibre 7 grams

So there you have it, a mouth-watering bar with a truly superb nutritional profile. To start with we are launching with 3 flavours (Maple Syrup, Apple & Blackberry Crumble and Cherry & Almond) which are simply irresistible, my personal favourite being Maple Syrup, it’s hard to say just how good it is but we’d love to hear your thoughts once you’ve tried them.