Making the Best of a Weight Gainer

Making the Best of a Weight Gainer

In the world of sports nutrition it is fair to say that there is one undeniable truth – if you want to gain weight you need to train intensely and consume lots of high quality nutrition. It is not one or the other, it is both.

Gyms are awash with individuals who spend hours training to achieve their dream physique, but who let themselves down in their approach to nutrition. Really, it’s simple – to gain lean muscle mass you must eat enough protein and calories throughout the day to support that gain in mass.

How can I gain enough protein?

First and foremost your three meals each day should contain high-quality protein, a good source of quality carbohydrates and some healthy fats.

In today’s busy and fast-paced world, trying to consume enough protein and calories can become challenging and inconvenient, especially if your three meals do not cover your nutritional needs for the day. This is why many people turn to weight gain powders to fill in the gaps during the day.

For example, if you eat breakfast, lunch and an evening meal it is quite easy to slot in two weight gain shakes a day to bump up both your protein intake and your calorie intake. It is also cost effective and makes achieving those goals that little bit easier!

My top tip? One of these shakes is best taken immediately after your workout as your body will absorb nutrients like a sponge.

What can Reflex Instant Mass Heavyweight do for me?

Thousands of people familiar with the scenario of wanting to take on more protein in a cost effective and convenient way have been turning to Reflex Instant Mass Heavyweight.

Each full serving of Instant Mass Heavyweight provides 60 grams of protein derived from protein sources such as high-quality micellar casein, EU derived grass fed whey protein and EU sourced egg white protein isolate. In fact, this product contains so much protein that many will simply consume half a serving two times a day to give them an amazing 1,160 calories, along with 219 grams of carbohydrates and, as already mentioned, a massive 60 grams of protein.

Importantly, you will also find the addition of creapure creatine, patented bioperine and a host of additional vitamins, minerals and cofactors, these include:

  • Vitamin B12, which helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Vitamin B6, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system
  • Vitamin C, which helps with the normal function of the immune system during and after intense exercise
  • Iron, which aids the normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin
  • Zinc, which is helpful for normal carbohydrate metabolism
  • Copper, which helps to maintain normal connective tissue
  • Chromium, which aids the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels

This demonstrates what a comprehensive formula Instant Mass Heavyweight is by the bases it covers off and the physical performance that it helps deliver. And, while we are on the subject of what Instant Mass Heavyweight contains, it’s equally important to state what it does not contain. It’s completely free from:

  • Soy protein (find out why we say no to soy protein)
  • Creamers
  • Chinese creatine
  • GMO ingredients
  • Added salt
  • Added sugar
  • Added fructose
  • Corn syrup
  • Corn solids
  • Artificial colours
  • Preservatives
  • Glycine
  • And finally, cheaper and inferior forms of minerals such as magnesium oxide

Making the best of weight gainer really is straightforward: Train hard, eat smart and don’t skimp on the weight gain formula.

If your priority is maximising your efforts in the gym and fully supporting that nutritionally, then we’ve made your life easier by giving you an additional discount that you can use on our shop throughout March 2018.


Why we have incorporated Digezyme® Enzyme Complex into our products for over a decade


The Digezyme Enzyme complex is a high quality enzyme product made by one of our longest standing ingredient partners, Sabinsa Corporation. The very special complex consists of gluten free and GMO-free broad acting enzymes, including amylase, lactase, cellulase, lipase and protease.

The activity of Digezyme® is as follows

  • Enzyme
  • Enzyme activity (Units/g)
  • Amylase
  • 24,000 DU/g
  • Cellulase
  • 1,100 CU/g
  • Lactase
  • 4,000 ALU/g
  • Lipase
  • 200 FIP/g
  • Neutral protease
  • 6,000 PC/g


Reflex Nutrition’s use of Digezyme® has largely revolved around its use as an aid to help digest milk sugar (lactose), especially important for those individuals who experience difficulties digesting it.

However its role extends beyond aiding the digestion of lactose. Digezyme® consists of 5 enzymes which in addition to aiding the digestion of lactose can also digest carbohydrates, protein, fibre and fat. You will find Digezyme® in a variety of Reflex Nutrition’s products, the common dosage being 40mg-50mg per serving.

Interestingly with regard to sports nutrition Digezyme® has recently been the focus of a double blind placebo controlled study relating to delayed onset muscle soreness which can be seen in the OMICS Group – Sports Nutrition & Therapy website.

You can also download the research article Multienzyme complex for the management of delayed onset musclesoreness after eccentric exercise a randomized double blind placebo.

The dosage used in the study was 50mg three times per day which can be quite easily achieved through use of a number of Reflex Nutrition’s products.

We included this range of enzymes in the Reflex Nutrition range well over ten years ago because of their completeness. They offer all of the enzymes needed via a very clever fermentation process which results in enzymes which are completely GMO free. We’ve had nothing but praise for Digezyme® over the years as greater numbers of consumers understand more about their function and application.

The following products in the Reflex Nutrition range contain Digezyme®:

Reflex Nutrition – On Your Side

Reflex Nutrition 20 years on your side

To complement the new branding we wanted to explain our new strap line that accompanies it.  For us, it’s a very important shorthand of our approach which really ensures that your needs are our focus.

Whilst my blogs have contained all of this information previously, I’d just like to draw it all together, because for us, it forms the very ethos of our company.  Its what the team here strive to deliver on a daily basis and its why we believe that we should be your natural choice of supplement partner.

From the very inception of Reflex, our reason for existing was the create the very highest quality supplements.  We’ve created factories to ensure total control of product quality, we’ve innovated with products such as Whey Refresh to supply you with products that others didn’t think were commercially viable and we’ve done this for the past 20 years.

From whey protein products such as Micro Whey which uses a cross flow micro filtered form of whey to native whey which is the purest form of whey available, the breadth and depth of range has always intended to offer the right choice, whatever your needs.  Admittedly, this has only been made possible by partnering with the worlds very best ingredient suppliers.  Whey derived from grass fed cattle in Ireland, totally environmentally friendly vegan protein from France, unsurpassed levels of quality in creatine from Germany, chelated minerals and vitamins from the US, the list goes on and on.  From inception, our goal is to combine efficacy with health consideration in perfect harmony.  There is no point of delivering you one without the other from our perspective.

We undertake these activities to exceptionally high quality standards.  We work to ISO quality standards, we have our factory environments and selected batches of product tested for banned substances, we ensure that alcohol is omitted from our cleaning products and any process that our raw ingredient suppliers undertake.

Within The Science Park where we are based, we only use Deep Green renewable energy, we have solar panels to complement this, we have environments where the air passes through bacterial filters to ensure a clean environment for your products to be created in.  So we consider you not only in terms of the formulations and quality, but also in how we produce the products for you.

What’s more, we go way beyond what is required from us legally in relation to guaranteeing quality standards.  We have built an inhouse laboratory which is manned (or wommaned) by a chemist who tests every single batch of protein product produced to ensure that we meet label claim, who tests ingredients for shelf life, whose interest is to optimise your health, your return on your investment.

It’s this approach in its totality that allow us to offer you a no questions asked, money back guarantee.

As we move forward in the New Year and you start to see the new packaging with its simplified categorisation and messaging, we believe that you’ll feel ever more comfortable with the range in its entirety.  You will see new protein bars and specialised workout products as a start point.

We’re trying to deliver all of this to ever greater numbers of people, so whoever you are, whatever your supplement needs, we hope that you understand that we’re ‘on your side’!

A 20 year history of industry firsts and innovation

Reflex Nutrition Timeline

Reflex Nutrition Timeline

Delivering You Unrivalled Supplements

Reflex Nutrition is close to being officially 20 years old. In this time we firmly believe we’ve brought more innovation and firsts to the industry than just about any other supplement company in the world. We’d love to tell you about how we have become one the most trusted and reputable companies in the industry today which delivers an unrivalled range of supplements, a company which stands by its strapline “Tomorrows Nutrition Today”.
Perhaps more importantly, it’s the advances we’ve brought in those 20 years to the market which can directly benefit you and many, many others who take supplements.

First, The Start, 1996

In 1996 James Phillips came up with the idea of developing, designing, manufacturing and building a supplement company that would immediately deliver on a promise of “Tomorrows Nutrition Today”. During the hot summer of 1996 the first Reflex Nutrition factory was built in Hove with purpose built facilities using the finest powder blending machinery from world renowned blending specialists Winkworth Machinery. The first two products were based around pure hydrolysed whey protein isolate, both of which are still available today and still leading the way.

First sales, 1997, Reflex Nutrition officially sells its first products which were also world firsts.

Reflex Nutrition Ltd sold its first products early in 1997, they were “Advantage” and “Whey Peptide”. Sports nutrition was in its infancy at this stage and all Reflex Nutrition products were sold through traditional retail stores, the first being Workout World in Brighton. Both of these products were the first products in the world to use hydrolysed whey protein isolate as the sole source of protein.

First supplement company in Europe to manufacture a pure CFM Whey Protein Isolate aka Micro Whey

In 1998 Reflex Nutrition launched a new breed of whey protein supplement. Whey protein had really only hit the scene of few years earlier but Reflex Nutrition broke new ground by introducing CFM Whey Protein Isolate. CFM stands for Cross Flow Micro filtration, it was a new production process using advanced ceramic filters to remove virtually all fat and lactose. Reflex Nutrition’s new product was aptly named “Micro Whey”, a product delivering 86% protein, and yes that product still lives on today as one of Reflex Nutrition’s most successful and longest standing products.

First Supplement Company to become ISO9001 registered for quality control

In January of 2000 Reflex Nutrition was awarded ISO9001 accreditation for quality control. With the sole aim of building on our guarantee of quality attaining ISO registration was a vital step to ensure our customers receive nothing but the best in terms of product quality and customer service.

First European and longest standing supplier of the world’s purest Creatine – Creapure®

Reflex Nutrition is a company synonymous with quality and it was therefore a logical and straightforward decision to partner with the world’s most reputable Creatine manufacture in Germany. It’s a long standing relationship and since 1998 we have always supplied Creapure creatine because it is factually the world’s purest, safest and most proven form of creatine.

First European company to introduce the 5lb Whey, aka Instant Whey in black with holographic labels – 2001/2002

In 2001 Reflex Nutrition was the first company in Europe to manufacture a 5lb tub of whey protein in the familiar tub with screw on lid. The first consignment of containers were bought in the USA and shipped to Europe, fortunately we partnered with a well know European plastic company to make them in Europe in both 2lb and 5lb sizes. This coincided with another first, black tubs and holographic labels. This was a very different look at the time when nearly all competitors were in white tubs with normal labels.


advantageIntroduced in 1997

micro_wheyIntroduced in 1998

creapure_creatineIntroduced in 1998

5lbwheyIntroduced in 2001

First European company to produce a standalone non-denatured Micellar Casein product

Many companies in 2002 were selling calcium caseinate products, not good enough for Reflex Nutrition and our customers. We wanted something very special. As a result we sourced pure native milk protein from New Zealand which contains 80% Micellar Casein derived from fresh skimmed milk, grass fed, filtered at low temperature and brought to the market slow release protein for the first time. That was 15 years ago and today many companies are still playing catch up!
First company in the world to introduce stable LactoSpore® pro-biotics and DigeZyme® enyzmes into protein powders.
In 2002 Reflex Nutrition was the first supplement company in the world to use both Lactospore® probiotics and Digezyme® enzymes throughout the Reflex® range. Both have been extensively tested with regard to their individual roles in digestion. Today numerous companies have taken our lead and you will often find the two ingredients used together in many protein powders.

First company to adopt wide spread use of patented BioPerine bioavailability enhancer

In 2003 Reflex Nutrition discovered the patented bioavailability enhancer called BioPerine from our friends at Sabinsa. We quickly adopted its use in our now world renowned multivitamin Nexgen, but also tried it in protein powders that contained vitamins, for example One Stop® which is an all in one bodybuilding supplement which contains an extensive list of vitamins and minerals.

First supplement company in the world to use both lower glycemic index barley and oats in weight gain and meal replacements

Reflex Nutrition is always looking for ways to improve products both in terms of performance and health. This was why it was such a simple yet innovative step back in 2003 to use finely ground organic oats and barley as the main source of carbohydrates in our famous weight gainer Instant Mass Pro. Today we still adopt the same philosophy and are happy to have pioneered the use of these two exceptionally healthy ingredients which not only provide slower releasing energy when compared to dextrose or sugar, but also provide dietary fibre in the form of beta glucan.

DSCN1158First company in the world to produce a time release protein blend and be 100% transparent and disclose the ratios of protein

In 2007 we formulated a truly ground breaking time release protein powder which contained 33% Whey Protein, 33% Micellar Casein and 33% Egg White Protein. For the avoidance of doubt, this meant that for every 100 grams of protein you would get 33 grams of whey protein, 33 grams of micellar casein and 33 grams of egg white protein. It was called Peptide Fusion and is now replaced by 3D Protein®, another time release protein blend with 45% Native Whey Protein, 45% Micellar Casein and 10% Egg Protein, this product also happens to be completely unique in that it is the only protein blend which contains native whey as a main ingredient.

First company in Europe to build factory to make Whey Isolate RTDs

In 2007 we built a state of the art factory in Hove to produce Whey Isolate/Protein water RTD’s (ready to drinks). It was a highly innovative step and involved the installation of a fully operational pasteurising facility designed specifically to cater for whey protein’s fragile properties. The product that resulted was called Whey Refresh and it is still in production today, nearly 10 years later.

First supplement company in the world to use 100% Deep Green Energy to make supplements

Reflex Nutrition was the first, and as far as we know, still the only supplement company to exclusively use 100% Deep Green in energy to make all of our products. This includes all of the power to heat and cool and factories too. It is part of our commitment and responsibility to the environment.

First Sports Nutrition Company in the world to build a factory that manufactures protein powders, vitamins, RTDs and protein bars.

First supplement company to carry out in house testing or protein powders to prove label claims

In 2010 we started something that had certainly never been seen before in the industry. Knowing that some companies never got to within 10-20% of label claims for protein, we decided at Reflex Nutrition to prove our position beyond doubt and bought the necessary lab equipment to carry out in house protein testing. We adopted a very strict ISO testing procedure, results of which have never deviated beyond 0.5% when compared to 3rd party lab testing. As a result we have 100% faith in our claims for our range of market leading protein powders.

First supplement company to offer an unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee

Reflex Nutrition has always been 100% confident in its range of products, so much so that back in 2006 Reflex Nutrition introduced a 100% money back guarantee that allowed our valued customers to buy any Reflex supplement completely risk free. If for any reason, you are not completely happy with the product, you can return it for a full refund. That same commitment to our customers exists today with the very same guarantee.

First supplement company in Europe to build a bespoke factory from the ground up for the manufacture of protein powders, multivitamins, herbs, meal replacements, RTDs and protein bars using 100% Green Energy

In 2012 the Reflex Science Park was built, quite literally a state of the art facility incorporating the very latest technologically advanced machinery to guarantee future production of all Reflex Nutrition products. The whole site takes full advantage of green technology, having a significant 50kw solar panel array, 100% Deep Green energy supply and the latest super-efficient heating and cooling systems it is probably the most environmentally friendly supplement factory in the world today. More recently that innovation took another step in right direction with the build of very unique and secretive protein bar factory. Using very clever knowhow and the latest food technology, Reflex Nutrition was one of the first European brands to make their own bars, and those bars are very special indeed that are only possible due to our closely guarded manufacturing process systems.

First EU base supplement company to introduce a ready to drink protein coffee

Other innovations

There are many more innovations and first that Reflex Nutrition have introduced to the supplement world during the last 20 years, too many to list, but here are just a few more to give you an idea of why we are so well known for delivering on that promise of “Tomorrows Nutrition Today.”
Delta tocotrineols, AstaReal astaxanthin, Citrulline Malate
MSM, Glucosamine sulphate, Bulgarian Tribulus, Trimethyl Glycine/Betaine anhydrous
L-glutamine, Taurine, Creatine Pyruvate, Vitamin K2-MK7, Chelated Minerals, Krill Oil
35% IgG Freeze Dried Colostrum, Cordyceps CS-4

The Future 2017 and beyond

Consumers enjoying the benefits that our innovative formulations provide, especially when compared to our competition, will continue to enjoy and reap the benefits Reflex Nutrition will bring to the supplement market place in the coming years as we strive to demonstrate that we are on your side.

Omega 3, coconut oil, butter and other healthy fats melt styrofoam

You may have seen the video that has been circulating the internet recently. Its shows a high quality Omega 3 oil from Reflex Nutrition dissolving a polystyrene cup. That’s nothing new to us as there are countless healthy oils which will melt straight through polystyrene including virgin coconut oil, butter, MCT oils, lemon oil and many others, some faster than others. The real irony is that the person who created that video is a huge fan of Reflex products and was actually using the test to demonstrate the product’s quality. Of course, it’s easy to jump to conclusions about videos and whilst we’d prefer not to have had this potentially negative publicity, we’re glad this has come to light because it raises a real issue that you should be aware of;

Polystyrene is not ideal for foods

Polystyrene is made up of long chain polymers and the non polarity of polystyrene therefore makes it excellent for liquids which are highly polar. However that’s about all its good for.
The trouble with polystyrene is once it comes in contact with medium chain fatty acids (e.g coconut oil) or worse still long chain fatty acids (e.g any omega 3 fatty acids) which all are non-polar they will start to dissolve because they are similar in polarity. It’s one reason why water and oil do not mix – they are polar opposites! Guess what is polystyrene made from? You guessed it, it is oil.

Omega 3 ethyl ester fats are generally far more concentrated than standard triglyceride Omega 3s and in addition the ethyl ester structure is even more non-polar and will dissolve polystyrene faster.
But Why Ethyl Ester in the first place ?

Reflex Nutrition use Omega 3 ethyl ester fats in preference to triglycerides for three very valid reasons;

  • Ethyl Ester Omega 3 fats are the result of molecular distillation which results in one of the purest Omega 3 products in the world, a tried and tested manufacturing process.
  • Ethyl Ester Omega 3 fats are factually the most researched form of Omega 3 in the world today, with nearly all of most highly praised, most positive and health promoting studies conducted used Omega 3 ethyl esters.
  •  Finally it is more cost effective to manufacture Ethyl Ester Omega 3 fats and as a result Reflex Nutrition’s Omega 3 offers great value delivering 330mg EPA and 220mg DHA from sustainably sourced fish.

On top of these high quality credentials, Reflex Omega 3 is sourced from a partner that Reflex Nutrition has been working with for over 10 years that delivers both the quality and potency we demand but also the guarantee that the Omega 3 oil comes from fish that are sustainable.
It’s safe to say either form will offer benefit because ultimately either ethyl ester or triglyceride Omega 3 will both build up over time in very similar concentrations to deliver the health benefits associated with consumption of EPA and DHA, here are the amounts needed, as per EU Health Claims, for those benefits.
Maintenance of the normal brain function- required daily amount 250 DHA, in theory that’s 2 x Reflex Omega 3 capsules
Maintenance of normal cardiac function– required amount 250mg EPA/DHA, in theory that’s 1 x Omega 3 capsule per day.
Maintenance of normal blood pressure – required daily amount 3,000mg EPA/DHA, in theory that is 6 x Omega 3 capsules per day.
Maintenance of normal (fasting) blood concentration of triglycerides – required daily amount 2,000mg EPA/DHA, in theory that is 4 x Omega 3 capsules per day.

Now for something that is worrying;
We all have a genuine duty of care to let the public at large know about this so please share this post.
Bullet proof coffee which has become very popular over the past year or so is coffee made with either the addition of coconut oil, butter or both. Fine when it’s in your favourite mug, not so if you decided to make a takeaway coffee bullet proof that was served in a styrofoam polystyrene cup. AS SOON AS YOU ADD THE COCONUT OIL OR BUTTER THE POLYSTYRENE WILL START TO DISSOLVE INTO YOUR COFFEE AND CONTAMINATE IT.
Very few people realise this and it’s made worse because the coffee is going to be hot which will speed up the reaction. There was an important studied published just last year highlighting this very problem.
See it here:
Whilst it will not dissolve immediately it can and has caused polystyrene fail causing the hot contents to spill! However the most worrying and potentially harmful aspect we can see is the silent and unknowing ingestion of dissolved polystyrene on a regular basis. It’s something everyone should know.
Spread the word on the health benefits of Omega 3 fats, but equally important, please spread the word as regards the potential issues of using polystyrene cups and any oils!

You Get What You Pay For

You Get What You Pay For

It’s a well-known saying and for Reflex Nutrition it couldn’t be more appropriate in a market that is now flooded with poor quality protein powders, multivitamins and sports nutrition products, the majority of which are contract packed where profit appears to be the main focus with quality, a mere afterthought. In this blog I’m going to explain why it is possible for so many companies to offer year round discounts on everything from Diet Whey through to vitamins, the truth for some will be painful, but as that saying goes, “You Get What You Pay For!”.

The Too Good to be True Offers

In 2015 we saw a record number of high profile sports nutrition companies offer near year round heavily discounted sports nutrition products. And who doesn’t like a bargain? Well unfortunately it’s never really that straight forward. For ANY company to continually offer year round discounts like buy one get one free something has to give somewhere, you either don’t make any profit or you skimp on the formula and make it cheaper so that you do make healthy profits. Closer inspection from our team reveals that some companies may have been doing the latter, which is basically to cheapen the formula to a point where you can make reasonable profits even when subsidising Buy One Get One Free offers. In essence they are Too Good to be True, they really are.

How they do it, dirty tactics.

An example;   Company Z manufactures a Diet Whey type product and they want to increase sales of that particular product significantly next year. Whilst introducing a new updated label they make some seemingly minor changes to the ingredients and protein % whilst keeping the same RRP. These changes will introduce more cheap Chinese derived soy protein, less of the very expensive actives like CLA, the addition of cheap amino acids to spike the protein content, list protein on a dry basis, and hey presto you have saved enough money to offer the reworked Diet powder on special offer virtually year round whilst still making enough money to keep the accountants happy. Now for some consumers who are savvy, knowledgeable and wiser this is not an issue because they will spot the signs in the ingredient listing, nutrition information and avoid the brand like the plague. However for those who don’t have the knowledge, they will end up buying such products feeling they secured a great bargain. Whilst the product is completely legal, I’m here to say that this type of practise is an utter disgrace to our industry, the consumer ends up with a cheapened product and is unlikely to derive any benefit. In nearly every single case they would have been better off buying a different product at a higher price. Why? Because in most cases, especially with a Reflex Nutrition product, it would represent better value due to the significantly higher doses of active ingredients, quality of ingredients and guaranteed label claims. The case is the same for weight gainers, all-in-ones, creatine, pre-workouts, multivitamins, you name it, somewhere, somehow there will be a company doing their utmost to sell you something at an amazing price whilst making themselves a fortune.

Be Wary, very Wary.

The take home message is simple; more often than not I’m afraid to say that amazing offers often do not translate into amazing value. Sometimes there really are great offers out there, so do your homework, check the ingredients, the dosages of active ingredients, are they research proven doses? If they are research based dosed ingredients the brand will want to tell you! If they are not they will not say so!

Either way, the more confident you become in making that evaluation, the more money you will save either by avoiding certain deals, or making use of them!


“You Get What You pay For!”


Protein Pancakes | Cheat Day Recipes

Reflex Protein Pancakes

Cheat day: potentially the best day on the calendar. Anyone that follows a fitness and nutrition regime will know that to maintain it in the long-term, flexibility and balance is crucial. So we set out to find the ultimate, mouth-watering treat for cheat day – and came up with one that amazingly, isn’t actually all that naughty and still packs a protein punch.

The Protein Chef has collaborated with Reflex Nutrition to create a stack of delicious protein pancakes, smothered in peanut butter and chocolate sauce, and topped with soft R Bars for your protein-packed pleasure. The best thing about this recipe? It won’t destroy your calorie count for the day or leave you feeling sluggish and full of remorse. And to top it off, each serving delivers 33g of protein to support your workout when you pick it up the next day.

Here’s the recipe to get you started:

Pancake ingredients
200g Oat flour
70g Reflex 3D Protein vanilla
10g Baking powder
100g Liquid egg whites
400ml Milk
1tsp Coconut oil (for frying)

Toppings – as much or as little as you’d like
Peanut butter
Reflex R Bars
Sugar-free chocolate sauce


  1. Mix together the oat flour, protein powder and baking powder.
  2. Then add the egg whites and milk and whisk well.
  3. Heat a pan to a medium/high heat and add the coconut oil.
  4. Once the coconut oil has melted, add a few spoonfuls of the mixture to the pan.
  5. Cook for a couple of minutes then flip it over and cook for a further minute until golden and fluffy.
  6. Pile the pancakes high, add the toppings and enjoy.

(per portion for the pancakes only. Recipes serves 2-3 people)
Calories – 409
Protein – 33g
Carbs – 55g
Fat – 6.6g

One portion of these protein pancakes provides 33g protein, 55g carbohydrates, 6.6g fat and just 409 calories, meaning you can enjoy your day off without regret. The light and fluffy texture has a delicious naturally sweet flavour, thanks to the vanilla ice cream flavoured Reflex 3D Protein used in the recipe. Our 3D Protein is the first time release protein to contain Native Whey Protein, Micellar Casein and Egg White Protein for a fast, medium and slow release of protein, in the correct ratio.

We’ve topped with chunks of our R Bars, to give an extra protein kick, fantastic texture, and a satisfying sweetness to round off this dish. Our R Bars provide 20g protein, 1-2g sugar and 9-10g fibre per bar, plus they are made with almonds and peanuts, cocoa butter, and natural flavourings.  The Protein Chef has used our Chocolate Peanut Caramel flavoured R Bar, but you can choose from our range of six flavours including double chocolate brownie and cookies and cream.

Reflex sends huge thanks to The Protein Chef. To read more of her fantastic protein recipes, visit The Protein Chef website.

Purchase these products!

The World’s Best Protein Powders

Barbell Stiff-Legged Deadlifts - Reflex Nutrition

Our 20 year anniversary is just around the corner and it seems a great moment to reinforce our position as one of the world’s leading manufacturers and formulators of super high quality protein powders. I have a very strong position on this subject and will argue that we are not one of the best but THE best in the business, I’ll prove my point with facts to prove beyond all doubt my position on this.

At Reflex Nutrition we strive for perfection and it’s a word you cannot use lightly and whilst many companies will say they are the best, use the highest quality ingredients, proclaim even to be innovative, market leading or award winning. However, they nearly all fail deliver to when scrutinised – something we happily invite here at Reflex Nutrition. You see we do things so differently compared to any other brand, those differences make Reflex protein powders a class of their own. It’s often hard to actually compare a Reflex protein powder to others because there isn’t really anything else that compares.

How is that possible I hear you say?

Let’s start at the top. First and foremost, we make every single protein powder in-house at our state of the art Reflex Science Park (built 2011). Nearly all of our competition have their products contract packed in big factories where they make protein powders for everyone. You might find that at least three or four brands are all made in the same factory all claiming to be the best or different in some way. So what’s so special about the Reflex Science Park, well Reflex Nutrition were the first sports nutrition company to be awarded ISO9001 Quality Control Accreditation back in 2000, in addition we are one of only a handful of factories to obtain Informed Sport Certification whereby the entire site is audited to ensure that no cross contamination can occur but perhaps more importantly the Science Park is tested to ensure that are no traces of banned or illegal substances in our products or anywhere in the factory. These are the strictest quality control measures to ensure that every single protein powder we make is of the utmost quality.

Beyond normal, way beyond.

The factory is not your everyday building either. In much the same way that we have incredibly strict quality control standards, the same absolute commitment to delivering the best of the best has been taken to extremes in terms of what the Reflex Science Park stands for in a crowded market. I am a perfectionist and I believe that if you want to produce very high quality products then the same standards must be rigorously enforced from top to bottom. It’s the reason why our factory is always praised by supermarket auditors, professional sports teams and every day customers. We often conduct factory tours which showcase the best mixing equipment in the business along with pharmaceutical grade capsule machinery and much more. It’s green too with 100% of the energy being supplied via deep green energy like wind and solar power.

I’m on a permanent mission to deliver Reflex customers nothing but the best.

Being a perfectionist means that we never stop improving our products, day in day out for 20 years this is all we do. And when it comes to protein, that means sourcing only the very best whey and milk protein from within the EU. Why? Because it’s all derived from dairy cattle that graze on grass year round, devoid of any banned rBGH and banned antibiotics that are widespread throughout the USA and USA made products. In addition, one thing that really sets Reflex Nutrition apart was our move to significant use of Native Whey Proteins in all Reflex Nutrition products nearly 10 years ago. We were the first, and are the only premium sports nutrition company to offer a 100% Native Whey Protein product which is not only great tasting but categorically guaranteed to be better than any other whey protein available. How we can guarantee this? Because as far as we know its scientifically impossible to do so, Native Whey protein is literally the most perfect form of whey that exists in nature.

Or milk protein is also up there with the best. Start with milk that’s derived from EU Grass Fed cattle. Then insist on only using native milk proteins extracted from that same fresh skim milk extracted at low temperature to prevent denaturing of the protein. You end up with probably the purest milk protein in the world and this is the material provides the backbone to our new protein blend called 3D Protein®, a World first which uses 45% Native Whey Isolate, 45% Micellar Casein and 10% Egg White Protein. We were the first company in the world to disclose protein ratios back in 2007 and now we are the first to create a new ultra-premium blend using the world’s best form of whey.

The best proteins in the world? Now it definitely makes sense.

If we are using the best proteins available on the planet, making them to the strictest ISO9001 Quality Control Procedures, in an audited Informed Sports Site, made using 100% Deep Green Energy and Fully Guaranteed for the life of the product you can probably see why we’re so confident with our position. Whichever protein powder you choose from Reflex Nutrition, I can assure you that you are receiving something very special, whether your goal is lose weight and you are looking for a Diet Protein, or you just want a whey protein for your sport you simply will not find better because it does not exist.

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Is your Creatine Chinese?

Creapure logo

This is a short but very compelling blog post.

Did you know that virtually all Creatine Monohydrate is made in two places in the world?

Germany and China.

If it’s German, then it can ONLY be patented Creapure® creatine and will be listed on your tub of creatine or bodybuilding supplement as Creapure® creatine monohydrate by AlzChem AG. They have developed a manufacturing process that delivers an ultra pure, safe and tested product.

If it’s Chinese it will probably just say “pure creatine monohydrate”!

Does it make a difference?

We definitely think so which is why all Reflex Nutrition products only contain patented German Creapure® creatine and it’s not just us that think so. Nearly every single scientific research study relating to safety and use of creatine over a period of nearly two decades have all used Creapure®. There is a reason for this, its guaranteed quality, time and time again. If over 2,000 scientists rely upon Creapure® creatine monohydrate, we’d suggest that is pretty compelling.

Creapure creatine vs others - Reflex Nutrition

What about all the special types of creatine like creatine HCL and creatine nitrate?

To the best of my knowledge, they are all made in China. None have ever been proven better than Creapure®.

What’s the price difference?

Very little, a few pounds at most.

Remember choose wisely, it is your body and your health that you are investing in.

Why BCAAs?

BCAA formulation - Reflex Nutrition

Why Anything other than a 2:1:1 BCAA Ratio could be a BAD Move

At Reflex Nutrition science, quality and efficacy are the driving forces behind all Reflex Nutrition products and that’s why we use a 2:1:1 Branch-Chain Amino Acid ratio in our all of our products and NOT 4:1:1, 8:1:1 or more.

First of all though why use BCAAs?
The theory behind their use is really very simple. They work in three distinct areas which can help with your goals in the gym, be it muscle growth, fat loss or both.

Number One: They help stimulate new muscle tissue by having a direct effect within muscle tissue. This happens in two simple processes. Firstly, they help switch on protein synthesis (muscle building) and secondly, they also provide the building blocks for muscle tissue.

So where is the proof?

Well, researchers in one recent study1 concluded that, “together with the BCAA-induced enlargement in p70S6k phosphorylation, provide additional support for the view that BCAA has an anabolic effect on human skeletal muscle, an effect that appears to be similar in resting and exercising human muscle.”

Another study2 relating to it use during 8 weeks of resistance training concluded, “Ingestion of a supplement containing BCAAs while following an 8-week resistance training program resulted in a greater decrease in percent body fat, an increase in lean mass, and 10-RM strength gains on the bench press and squat vs. ingestion of a whey supplement or a sports drink.”
Number Two: They help with endurance. During exercise the uptake of the amino acid Tryptophan increase levels of 5-HT (serotonin), this is what tells your brain you are tired, as a result you fatigue. The BCAA L-Valine competes with Tryptophan uptake into the brain effectively slowing down the message that you are tired/fatigued.

So where is the proof?

Researchers in this study3 concluded that, Intake of BCAAs increases their concentration in plasma and prevents the increase in free tryptophan/BCAAs, which according to the hypothesis should decrease the synthesis of 5-HT in the brain and delay central fatigue. “

Gomez in another study4 concluded,  pre-exercise administration of L-valine prevents, via a limiting effect on 5-HT synthesis, exercise-induced 5-HT release. This study provides some answers to previous human and animal investigations, showing physiological and psychological benefits of branched-chain amino acids supplementation on performance”

Number 3: L-Isoleucine helps utilise fat for energy resulting in reduced body fat, in simple terms L-Isoleucine works at a cellular level where it can influence PPAR receptors in the muscle tissue and liver which trigger fat burning whilst also turning off the signal to store fat.

So where is the proof?

Japanese researchers5 confirm, our present findings suggest that Isoleucine simultaneously activates liver and skeletal muscle Free Fatty Acid uptake and oxidation.”

Why not more L-leucine?

The studies relating to the muscle building potential used a 2:1:1 ratio, in addition most studies relating to endurance focus on 2:1:1 ratios or just L-Valine. For fat loss just L-Isoleucine is used. It really comes down to common sense as to why you want to use anything other than what is used in the studies. Having one part Isoleucine and one part Valine also makes absolute sense for their role in fat loss and fatigue fighting. At Reflex Nutrition we use, as already stated, the 2:1:1 ratio. In fact we’ve been using the same ratio for our capsules for as long as we’ve been making them, over a decade.

Why are other companies using ratios like 4:1:1 and 8:1:1 ?

It’s a really good question. Most companies will roll out the same excuse, L-leucine is the most anabolic so we add more, and whilst this is true you will end up negating the benefits derived from Isoleucine and Valine. The only time extra L-leucine is of benefit is post workout when all we really want to do is boost protein synthesis, and you can do this with our post workout supplement Growth Matrix.


Whether this is the reason why some companies sell these ratios I can’t say, but what I can you tell you that is a black and white fact is that L-leucine is nearly 50-60% cheaper than Valine and 60-70% cheaper than Isoleucine. I literally checked these figures whilst writing this blog with our purchasing department, so you would hope that products with those ratios are much cheaper as a result. My guess is that they won’t be and as a result it’ll be more profitable for that said company.

The take home message?

Simple really, Branch-Chained Amino acids are a valuable addition to an athlete’s nutritional regime and if you want to experience the full benefits which include muscle synthesis, endurance and fat burning then stick to the scientifically proven ratios of 2:1:1.


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