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Better check the CLA DOSE and ORIGIN TODAY

If you currently use, or are thinking of using a diet whey type of product, I implore you to read the following. This information will infuriate numerous supplement companies but will provide you with VITAL information needed to make an informed choice.

I’m guessing that if you are buying such a product as part of your weight management plan, you’ll be interested in losing fat and toning muscles. Well the simple question is whether you want to buy a product that fails from the outset to consider the simple scientific research?

These products contain ingredients that have been scientifically proven to reduce body fat.

The number one ingredient for this purpose is CLA – conjugated linoleic acid. It’s in just about every single diet whey on the market and is really the single most important ingredient which differentiates the diet products from normal whey. It’ll no doubt be accompanied by green tea and carnitine.

“The most effective dose is 3,200mg per day, anything less and the effects diminish substantially.”

So that bit makes sense. But then it all falls down. Why? It comes down to the dosages used and the origin of CLA.

It’s the following simple undeniable fact according to research1 – The most effective dose is 3,200mg per day, anything less and the effects diminish substantially.

You should be insisting that your chosen diet whey protein powder delivers 3 grams of CLA with 2 servings normally referred to as a daily serving. You have chosen this product to deliver results, yes?

Consider this, scientific studies have categorically proven that subjects lose almost 3 x the amount of body fat with 3.2 grams of CLA compared to 1,000mg.

I’ll say that again, 3 x or 300% more fat lost using 3,200mg of CLA compared to just 1,000mg.

So how much CLA do you think you want in a diet whey product when used a couple of times a day? You don’t need a PhD do realise that it’s going to be at least 3,000mg.

Here is my issue, I know of no single company that supplies that dose in their diet product. Why is this? My guess is price. Unfortunately the consumer will buy the product expecting great things, and in most cases that will not be the case because science says the dosages in these products are simply nowhere near optimal.

High grade branded and patented powdered CLA like Clarinol® or Tonalin® is very, very expensive, and when used in the right doses it becomes almost prohibitively expensive. I know this only too well because when we first formulated Reflex Diet Protein® nearly ten years ago I was a gasp at how much it was going to cost. However at Reflex Nutrition we either do things the right way or not at all and based on all of the available research and the patented and trademarked material available to us, we had no hesitation in using a full dose of Clarinol® CLA from the Netherlands.

Amazingly nearly of all these type of products sell at the same price, in fact Reflex Diet Protein® is slightly cheaper than some – yet it is the only diet whey product with 3 grams + and made with patented, branded material.

Branded patented material is made by either Clarinol® in the Netherlands or Tonalin® in the USA, the rest of the unbranded material is made in China”

This brings me to origin.

Branded patented material like Clarinol® is made in the Netherlands and Tonalin® in the USA, to the best of my knowledge, the rest of the unbranded material is made in China. I know given the choice I would always choose the branded material over non branded Chinese – especially if the price of the one diet whey compared to another is the same.

The advice I give is very straightforward

  1. Make sure you’ve got the proper dose per daily serving of 3,000mg +
  2. If possible ensure its patented and branded CLA like Clarinol® or Tonalin®.
  3. If you can get all of this for the same price e.g Brand A vs Brand B, even better.

Remember, whatever peoples opinions might be, the science gives you the undeniable truth.



  1. Efficacy of conjugated linoleic acid for reducing fat mass: a meta-analysis in humans. Leah D Whigham, Abigail C Watras, and Dale A Schoeller . 2007.
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