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It’s not often that I start a blog encouraging you to watch a video. Before you watch it I want to give a brief background to its importance. Many years ago we developed a multivitamin called Nexgen®, if I’m honest it was developed to satisfy my own personal need for an exemplary multivitamin product that would deliver on every level. By making it inhouse, complete control over ingredients used and quality was achieved. That was about 10 years ago and since then Nexgen® has evolved very dramatically as we have improved the formula year after year with the ultimate incarnation being Nexgen® PRO.

It is very difficult to provide a simple explanation of how Nexgen® PRO has been formulated because there is so much to understand, like the specific relationships between key ingredients like magnesium and vitamin D. Few realise the vital relationship these two play in the role of health and the vital importance of these two with another little know vitamin.

I was asked only two days ago what the most important ingredients were in a multivitamin which draws me closer to why you need to watch the video below. I can tell you now that it is not the B Vitamins, Vitamin C or Selenium but a Vitamin that is a game changer that everyone needs. It is Vitamin K2-MK-7, we’ve been quietly formulating with K2-MK-7 for quite a few years and use a specially manufactured variety called K2VITAL.

The power of this ingredient is most succinctly captured in the following video. It is a talk by Dr John Whitcomb in which he details all the latest research and explains why K2 MK-7 is so vital. I think it could be one of the most valuable related videos you will ever watch.


If you’ve just  watched the video, then you might legitimately ask how much K2 MK-7 is in Nexgen PRO. The answer is 75ug of Vitamin K2-MK7 (K2VITAL). The really important aspect to realise is that K2-MK7 can degrade easily in some commercially available K2-MK-7 supplements. Some show significant signs of degradation which is why we use K2VITAL, an extremely stable form. You can read up more about this very high quality form of Vitamin K2.

I’m hoping that you’ve also learnt that there is an important relationship between vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin K2 and to a lesser extent vitamin A. They are all related in the control of calcium in our bodies and they all need to be present. Finding more information on this complex subject is easy; a quick search on Google will reveal a significant amount of valuable information. Have a look at the “COMB” study, that’s very telling, and of course any video with Dr John Whitcomb.

The one thing that is difficult to find is a multivitamin that includes the K2-MK7, vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin A in sensible doses, and that’s why we developed Nexgen PRO!

James Phillips

Founder of Reflex Nutrition in 1996. James Phillips has arguably more first-hand knowledge with regard to the manufacture and design of whey protein and sports nutrition products than anyone in the industry today. There is little this man does not know about supplements during his 20 years in the business.

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