Prize Draw Winners

Prize draw winners Reflex competition

We would like to thank all the participants of the survey and as promised the winners for the 10 prizes have been selected and are as follows:

Nick Ingham
Darren Geoghegan
Neil Donaldson
Michael Smith
Paul Moffat
Matthew Sinclair
mason mckenzie
Hasan Cerkinaj
Paul Miles
Charlie Brinton

Each one will receive:

  • one R Bar Protein presentation box (with 6 protein bars, one of each flavour)
  • one R Bar Flapjack presentation box (with 3 flapjacks, one of each flavour)
  • two High Protein Whey Refresh RTD 500ml bottles (one of each flavour)
  • one Reflex branded shaker
  • one Reflex branded water bottle
  • one Reflex branded t-shirt
  • ten sample sachets of our newly launched 100% Whey (in strawberry and chocolate flavours)

We also mentioned on our web newsletter and social accounts (facebook and twitter) that the first 10 participants of the survey would win a promotional pack:

  • one flapjack presentation box (with 3 flapjacks, one of each flavour)
  • two 100% Whey sachets (strawberry and chocolate flavours)

And the winners from Web Newsletter are:

Luis Moutinho
Lee Brown
danny dawson
Matt Jones
John rutherford
alisha quinn
Mark Jacobs
Gareth Hutcherson
Jack Hardwick
Sarah Davies

The winners from social accounts are:

Benedetto D’Arcamo
Morley Lewis
Riad Naamani
Norbert Elek
Dan (Biddle)
Darren Crookshanks
Sam Utting
Aaron Rackley
Dariusz Zarowny
Oliver Bartlett

Winners will be contacted this week by email.


James Phillips

Founder of Reflex Nutrition in 1996. James Phillips has arguably more first-hand knowledge with regard to the manufacture and design of whey protein and sports nutrition products than anyone in the industry today. There is little this man does not know about supplements during his 20 years in the business.

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