Taking Protein Blends to a new Dimension

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We’ve been busy at Reflex Nutrition working on a new protein blend which I would suggest is the best protein blend in existence. A big statement but as always I’ll back this up with stats and figures that will prove the point.

I said a few years back that our new manufacturing facility would change the landscape of sports nutrition because it has allowed us to manufacture products that are simply not made by any other sports nutrition company.

Today I disclose the full details our new flagship protein blend called 3D Protein® which will replace our existing protein blend called Peptide Fusion®. I want you to realise though just how much time and effort has gone into making this amazing new product. For me as a keen athlete who uses protein shakes daily I really wanted something that absolutely and categorically redefined the standard for a protein blend. Before I go into the detail I just want to quickly recap as why protein blends are becoming so popular. It really comes down to one simple fact; they are scientifically proven to be more effective at increasing recovery than whey protein alone. It’s really that simple, a blend of a fast and a slower protein result in a longer period of protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is basically your body starting the process of building new muscle tissue, so it makes absolute sense to ensure that whenever you get the change you keep protein synthesis extended. So a blend of quality proteins is best.

We also know that BCAA’s also increase protein synthesis so the choice of proteins in the perfect blend means that we really want two or three proteins (fast, slow and medium) that supply a very rich source of BCAA’s  and essential amino acids. The two best fast and slow proteins I know of anywhere in the world happen to both come from milk, both in their native undenatured form, derived from grass fed milk. Those two proteins are native whey protein isolate and native micellar casein. I simply cannot put down in words just how good these two proteins are, they are quite literally the Roll Royce of proteins. 3D protein uses these two proteins along with EU derived egg white isolate due to its amazing all round amino acid profile and medium digestion properties. As mentioned earlier it’s a fact that a blend of whey/casein outperforms whey alone, and I’ll quote the study, “the combination of whey and casein protein promoted the greatest increases in fat-free mass after 10 weeks of heavy resistance training.”

I personally believe that the results will be even better when using higher quality forms of protein such as native whey and native micellar casein. The ratios of these proteins are 45% Native Whey Isolate, 45% Micellar Casein and 10% Egg White Isolate.

Great NEW Naturally sweetened Options!

I know there are an ever increasing number of people out there that want a completely natural variant, devoid of any artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours. New 3D Protein® will be one of the first proteins we’ve made that sits alongside Natural Whey that is sweetened with Stevia and flavoured naturally. The one thing we didn’t want to happen when making a natural variant is end up having to sacrifice the market leading content of 80% protein; many companies will add fructose and other sugars to improve the flavour. We’ve done something different; we’ve simply paid significant sums of money to make an exceptional vanilla flavour which will also appear in the not too distant future in Micellar Casein and our new Native Whey product.

I’ve given you all the heads up and I’m guessing you’re thinking that this all sounds great but will worry about the impact on price. There’s another surprise then, because the retail price will be the same as our existing and best-selling Micellar Casein which happens to be one of the best value time release proteins on the market. Expect to see 3D Protein® available to order on 1st September.



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