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Our 20 year anniversary is just around the corner and it seems a great moment to reinforce our position as one of the world’s leading manufacturers and formulators of super high quality protein powders. I have a very strong position on this subject and will argue that we are not one of the best but THE best in the business, I’ll prove my point with facts to prove beyond all doubt my position on this.

At Reflex Nutrition we strive for perfection and it’s a word you cannot use lightly and whilst many companies will say they are the best, use the highest quality ingredients, proclaim even to be innovative, market leading or award winning. However, they nearly all fail deliver to when scrutinised – something we happily invite here at Reflex Nutrition. You see we do things so differently compared to any other brand, those differences make Reflex protein powders a class of their own. It’s often hard to actually compare a Reflex protein powder to others because there isn’t really anything else that compares.

How is that possible I hear you say?

Let’s start at the top. First and foremost, we make every single protein powder in-house at our state of the art Reflex Science Park (built 2011). Nearly all of our competition have their products contract packed in big factories where they make protein powders for everyone. You might find that at least three or four brands are all made in the same factory all claiming to be the best or different in some way. So what’s so special about the Reflex Science Park, well Reflex Nutrition were the first sports nutrition company to be awarded ISO9001 Quality Control Accreditation back in 2000, in addition we are one of only a handful of factories to obtain Informed Sport Certification whereby the entire site is audited to ensure that no cross contamination can occur but perhaps more importantly the Science Park is tested to ensure that are no traces of banned or illegal substances in our products or anywhere in the factory. These are the strictest quality control measures to ensure that every single protein powder we make is of the utmost quality.

Beyond normal, way beyond.

The factory is not your everyday building either. In much the same way that we have incredibly strict quality control standards, the same absolute commitment to delivering the best of the best has been taken to extremes in terms of what the Reflex Science Park stands for in a crowded market. I am a perfectionist and I believe that if you want to produce very high quality products then the same standards must be rigorously enforced from top to bottom. It’s the reason why our factory is always praised by supermarket auditors, professional sports teams and every day customers. We often conduct factory tours which showcase the best mixing equipment in the business along with pharmaceutical grade capsule machinery and much more. It’s green too with 100% of the energy being supplied via deep green energy like wind and solar power.

I’m on a permanent mission to deliver Reflex customers nothing but the best.

Being a perfectionist means that we never stop improving our products, day in day out for 20 years this is all we do. And when it comes to protein, that means sourcing only the very best whey and milk protein from within the EU. Why? Because it’s all derived from dairy cattle that graze on grass year round, devoid of any banned rBGH and banned antibiotics that are widespread throughout the USA and USA made products. In addition, one thing that really sets Reflex Nutrition apart was our move to significant use of Native Whey Proteins in all Reflex Nutrition products nearly 10 years ago. We were the first, and are the only premium sports nutrition company to offer a 100% Native Whey Protein product which is not only great tasting but categorically guaranteed to be better than any other whey protein available. How we can guarantee this? Because as far as we know its scientifically impossible to do so, Native Whey protein is literally the most perfect form of whey that exists in nature.

Or milk protein is also up there with the best. Start with milk that’s derived from EU Grass Fed cattle. Then insist on only using native milk proteins extracted from that same fresh skim milk extracted at low temperature to prevent denaturing of the protein. You end up with probably the purest milk protein in the world and this is the material provides the backbone to our new protein blend called 3D Protein®, a World first which uses 45% Native Whey Isolate, 45% Micellar Casein and 10% Egg White Protein. We were the first company in the world to disclose protein ratios back in 2007 and now we are the first to create a new ultra-premium blend using the world’s best form of whey.

The best proteins in the world? Now it definitely makes sense.

If we are using the best proteins available on the planet, making them to the strictest ISO9001 Quality Control Procedures, in an audited Informed Sports Site, made using 100% Deep Green Energy and Fully Guaranteed for the life of the product you can probably see why we’re so confident with our position. Whichever protein powder you choose from Reflex Nutrition, I can assure you that you are receiving something very special, whether your goal is lose weight and you are looking for a Diet Protein, or you just want a whey protein for your sport you simply will not find better because it does not exist.

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James Phillips

Founder of Reflex Nutrition in 1996. James Phillips has arguably more first-hand knowledge with regard to the manufacture and design of whey protein and sports nutrition products than anyone in the industry today. There is little this man does not know about supplements during his 20 years in the business.

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  1. hamed1708 says:

    Since long time didn’t use a protein
    as I used have problem with the digestion.
    after a long search i have found instant whey !! which has Probiotic…
    can i ask for a sample before i buy the 2.2 kg ?
    it is fine i can buy for it
    best wishes

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