You Get What You Pay For

You Get What You Pay For

It’s a well-known saying and for Reflex Nutrition it couldn’t be more appropriate in a market that is now flooded with poor quality protein powders, multivitamins and sports nutrition products, the majority of which are contract packed where profit appears to be the main focus with quality, a mere afterthought. In this blog I’m going to explain why it is possible for so many companies to offer year round discounts on everything from Diet Whey through to vitamins, the truth for some will be painful, but as that saying goes, “You Get What You Pay For!”.

The Too Good to be True Offers

In 2015 we saw a record number of high profile sports nutrition companies offer near year round heavily discounted sports nutrition products. And who doesn’t like a bargain? Well unfortunately it’s never really that straight forward. For ANY company to continually offer year round discounts like buy one get one free something has to give somewhere, you either don’t make any profit or you skimp on the formula and make it cheaper so that you do make healthy profits. Closer inspection from our team reveals that some companies may have been doing the latter, which is basically to cheapen the formula to a point where you can make reasonable profits even when subsidising Buy One Get One Free offers. In essence they are Too Good to be True, they really are.

How they do it, dirty tactics.

An example;   Company Z manufactures a Diet Whey type product and they want to increase sales of that particular product significantly next year. Whilst introducing a new updated label they make some seemingly minor changes to the ingredients and protein % whilst keeping the same RRP. These changes will introduce more cheap Chinese derived soy protein, less of the very expensive actives like CLA, the addition of cheap amino acids to spike the protein content, list protein on a dry basis, and hey presto you have saved enough money to offer the reworked Diet powder on special offer virtually year round whilst still making enough money to keep the accountants happy. Now for some consumers who are savvy, knowledgeable and wiser this is not an issue because they will spot the signs in the ingredient listing, nutrition information and avoid the brand like the plague. However for those who don’t have the knowledge, they will end up buying such products feeling they secured a great bargain. Whilst the product is completely legal, I’m here to say that this type of practise is an utter disgrace to our industry, the consumer ends up with a cheapened product and is unlikely to derive any benefit. In nearly every single case they would have been better off buying a different product at a higher price. Why? Because in most cases, especially with a Reflex Nutrition product, it would represent better value due to the significantly higher doses of active ingredients, quality of ingredients and guaranteed label claims. The case is the same for weight gainers, all-in-ones, creatine, pre-workouts, multivitamins, you name it, somewhere, somehow there will be a company doing their utmost to sell you something at an amazing price whilst making themselves a fortune.

Be Wary, very Wary.

The take home message is simple; more often than not I’m afraid to say that amazing offers often do not translate into amazing value. Sometimes there really are great offers out there, so do your homework, check the ingredients, the dosages of active ingredients, are they research proven doses? If they are research based dosed ingredients the brand will want to tell you! If they are not they will not say so!

Either way, the more confident you become in making that evaluation, the more money you will save either by avoiding certain deals, or making use of them!


“You Get What You pay For!”


James Phillips

Founder of Reflex Nutrition in 1996. James Phillips has arguably more first-hand knowledge with regard to the manufacture and design of whey protein and sports nutrition products than anyone in the industry today. There is little this man does not know about supplements during his 20 years in the business.

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  1. Elliott Cole says:

    Amazing post guys! Really insightful for some lesser informed people or people that are new to the supplement industry! Great stuff!

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