Lean Muscle products - Reflex Nutrition
Lean Muscle products - Reflex Nutrition


A pure protein hit with added nutrients to maximise work-out results

When we exercise, stress is put on our muscles, causing minute cell breakdown. The body requires essential protein and nutrients to repair, restore and build lean muscle tissue.

The Reflex Nutrition lean muscle range contains vital nutrients, such as pure grass-fed native whey or egg white protein, micellar casein, and friendly bacteria to help you reach your strength and physical goals. Delicious protein shakes and soft protein bars make attaining your daily protein easy.

Suitable for:

  • Men and women who exercise regularly and are looking to supplement work-outs
  • Gaining lean muscle tissue rapidly, while limiting fat gain
  • Preventing muscle breakdown, while repairing and growing muscle tissue
  • Those looking for an easy and delicious way to ensure enough protein is consumed