Phone Pad

Ready. Stick. Go.

Never again will you have to ask a stranger to video you in the gym.
Gone are the days of wasting 10 minutes before each set, trying to balance your phone on a nearby bench.
Need to call your mum, hands free? Let us help you with that.

Check out #TeamReflex making the most of their Phone Pads and search #selfiepad on Instagram for more!


Sticky Phone Pad

Guidelines for use of your Reflex Nutrition sticky Phone Pad

  • Do not stick to flaky paint, dusty or damaged surfaces
  • Always test that the pad will hold your device before walking away
  • Only use the pad when it and the surface are clean and dry
  • Keep it free of dust and fluff to maintain stickiness- simply wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry


This product is intended to hold small, lightweight items for a short period of time and will not create a permanent fixture. Temperature, humidity and cleanliness of the base surface and attached item can affect the length of time your device will remain stuck. Reflex Nutrition takes no responsibility for damages to property incurring from misuse of this product – please take care and test the strength of hold before walking away from your device.