Protein Testing

Supplements of unsurpassed quality

Given that we manufacture our own products, offer a Full Money Back Guarantee and pride ourselves on delivering world class supplements of unsurpassed quality, we take a raft of steps to ensure that our products meet label claim. We find it perverse that food legislation actually allows a degree of variation from what is stated on the label.

At Reflex, our goal is to manufacture the very best supplements that we can. To demonstrate this, we protein test every single batch of protein product that we manufacture. We take a sample and then test this in our onsite research laboratory.

This procedure can be seen in the following video, but the process is a simple one to understand. The samples that we take are analysed using a Nitrogen Combustion Analyser. This machine is typically found in dedicated research labs and is used to accurately determine the nitrogen content of test materials which are accurate indicators of protein content.

The results of these tests are published here for complete transparency. This process indicates not only our commitment to quality but also the accuracy and integrity of our raw material sourcing and manufacturing processes.