Reflex Gym Bag


  • Lightweight bag, able to carry heavy items
  • 450 denier coated polyester for long term use
  • Convenient gym size designed to fit standard locker
  • Easy to store when not in use

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Reflex Gym Bag

Our practical and stylish Reflex gym bag is available in medium size, able to carry heavy items without causing fraying or wear and tear, while remaining lightweight and easy to store. The Reflex logo is printed on the top flap of the bag and in one of the sides, which comes in timeless black. The product includes a useful large pocket which is perfect for wet or damp items.

The Reflex gym bag has been designed using practical materials which don’t deteriorate. The product is made from 450 denier coated polyester and is semi waterproof. It has thick straps with an attached shoulder pad for comfort and support.


The Reflex gym bag is ideal for those looking to carry sports, fitness and gym equipment in a lightweight bag, which can carry heavier items. It is easy to fold up when not in use, making it a good option for those who regularly work-out in busy locations.

The product comes in one size. This medium sized option is well-suited to gym goers and bodybuilders, with enough space to easily hold regular gym accessories and smaller sports equipment such as a football, belts, and straps.

Why choose this?

  • Comfortable to carry, with thick straps and a shoulder pad
  • High quality materials ensure longevity of the product

The Reflex gym bag comes in a stylish black colour, with the Reflex design at the top and one of the sides. It has useful large storage waterproof compartment for those needing to keep items separate. The bag is made from 450 denier coated polyester so will remain waterproof for short periods, as well as retaining its condition over time.

The external pocket is made of breathable mesh, ideal for storing damp clothes and items which may become stale. The lightweight material of the bag means it is easy to carry and store, while its useful size means it can carry a large amount of items.


Length: 46cm (18″)
Width: 27cm (10.5″)
Height: 27cm (10.5″)
Capacity: 33 litres
Pockets: 1 external (with breathable mesh)

Anything else?

Overfilling will cause excess strain on zips, pockets and straps and ultimately reduce the lifespan of the product.

Suitable for

  • Vegetarians: Yes
  • Vegans: No
  • Coeliacs: No

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