Cycling races - Reflex Nutrition
Cycling races - Reflex Nutrition


A high quality range of supplements to maintain endurance performance, recovery and general health for cyclists

With cardiovascular capability coupled to either endurance or sprint capability (depending upon the cycling discipline), the physical demands of even the serious recreational cyclist can be advanced.  The Reflex range includes carbohydrate-electrolyte solutions which contribute to the maintenance of endurance performance during prolonged endurance exercise and key vitamins which help immunity, reduction of tiredness and fatigue as well as normal muscle function.  The range also includes creatine based products that increase physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity as well as a range of products that provide solutions that address specific health challenges.


Suitable for:

  • Male and female cyclists looking to improve their endurance performance
  • Cyclists wishing to support their general health whilst maintaining or reducing their weight