Brighton and Hove F.C - Reflex Nutrition
Brighton and Hove F.C - Reflex Nutrition


The finest quality supplements to boost health, endurance, power and strength in football.

Extremely high levels of cardiovascular fitness, speed, strength, and agility mean football is an intense sport with an energy demand of 90 minutes.

Reflex Nutrition has first-hand experience with professional football teams. We are the official sports nutrition suppliers to Brighton and Hove Albion football team, meaning they rely on our significant expertise to deliver them a full complement of supplements to keep them ahead of the competition.

Whey protein and BCAAs help build lean muscle mass, and creatine increases short term explosive bursts of energy. Diet is crucial, and Reflex’s vitality range provides a full base of vitamins and minerals difficult to consume day-to-day.

Suitable for:

  • Male and female footballers looking to maximise their sporting efforts
  • Building and repairing lean muscle mass
  • Developing endurance and lessening recovery time
  • Providing a coherent nutrient palette to keep footballers at the top of their game