Rugby players - Reflex Nutrition
Rugby players - Reflex Nutrition


The purest sports supplements to help prepare the body for the physical demands of rugby

A fast-paced contact sport, rugby demands speed, momentum, agility, power and strength for 80 minutes straight. For rugby players to get the most from their training, a structured nutritional plan is key.

As the official sports nutrition suppliers to the Bradford Bull Rugby team, Reflex Nutrition has first-hand experience with rugby nutrition. The Bulls rely on our expertise to deliver them a full complement of bodybuilding and health supplements to keep them in peak physical condition, delivering increased power, strength and health.

Reflex Nutrition’s rugby supplements contain pure whey protein and BCAAs to build lean muscle mass. Creatine increases short successive bursts of energy and the use of beta alanine helps boost performance. At Reflex, we understand how crucial diet is, and our range of supplements ensure players can deliver game after game.

Suitable for:

  • Male and female rugby players looking to improve their performance
  • Building lean muscle mass and improving strength
  • Reducing muscle fatigue, improving recovery time and maintaining energy levels
  • Athletes looking to take control of their nutritional health