Ben Mudge - Reflex Nutrition


Online Coach, Personal Trainer, Physique Competitor and Fitness Model

Ben’s quest for a physique isn’t just a vanity project, it represents his fight against his illness Cystic Fibrosis.

“Being born with an illness that kills people at a young age gave me this push to NEVER give in or appear to be ‘sickly or weak’. My body is my armour and my strength! I may have a horrible illness in my life, but it hasn’t nor ever will, dictate or get in the way of any of my goals.”

Ben’s ethos would be: “We all have a set amount of time here, so make the biggest dent you can and help as many as you possibly can”


2011: Cover of Alpha Fit

2012: Men’s Health cover model finalist

2013: Men’s Physique UKBFF, Northern Ireland champion

2013: Top 12 at the British Final

2014: Featured in Muscle and Fitness

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