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WBFF Fitness Model Competitor

Gianni Fabrizio, 34, is a WBFF Fitness Model competitor born and raised on the Isle of Man from Italian decent. Gianni grew up with fitness a huge part of his life and has been a competitive swimmer, representing the Isle of Man at national and international level.

Aspiring to be a fitness model with the WBFF and a sponsored athlete ever since finding the weights room 19 years ago, it wasn’t until 2012 where Gianni took the stage for the first time, placing 1st in his first show experience and 7th the following year.

Gianni has been a police officer for 14 years, and is currently a dog handler within the Isle of Man Constabulary. Keeping himself fit and healthy is essential to his role as a dog handler due to the demands the role puts on his body.

“Joining #TeamReflex has been a blessing – to be supported by the very brand I first used when I was 17 years old is amazing! I’ve always been a huge supporter Reflex Nutrition, loved using and seeing their products develop over the years. If there was one phrase I would use it would be, quite simply, quality assurance. From meeting the team it’s crystal clear why I have complete trust in their products.”

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